ACSL Statement

Corona Covid‑19

The health and safety of our team is our highest priority.

Management Statement

We constantly monitor global developments and react immediately with appropriate measures, in accordance with the recommendations of our Federal Government and the WHO. In these particularly challenging times, we consider it our corporate and social responsibility to make our maximum contribution to combating the coronavirus and restoring the normal situation that has been taken for granted in our social system.

The health and safety of our employees is our highest priority. This is the only way we can guarantee the maintenance of operations for our customers.

The following measures were implemented at ACS Logistics

  • Transfer of the first team to home office as early as 11.3.
  • Relocation of the second team and thus 80% of our office staff to home office as of 12.3.
  • Ensuring that all employees with childcare needs are covered
  • Complete suspension of external visitors until further notice
  • Physical separation of our warehouse logistics teams including continuation of max. hygiene and safety measures
  • Internal task force to ensure the necessary measures, information & communication
  • Creation of virtual departments via Microsoft Teams to maintain the usual working environment and especially the social contact between colleagues
  • Continuous online training of our employees in handling our "Virtual Office Tools"

Infection status at ACS Logistics

So far, there is NO infection or suspected case in our organization.

Operational Status Report ACS Logistics

Our organization is already in maximum home office operation and is currently available to our customers without any restrictions and in the usual quality.

ACS Logistics is fully operational for its customers and we are in constant exchange with our global partner companies. We have taken immediate action to respond to the rapidly changing global logistics situation with equal agility and to serve your transport needs as efficiently as possible.


Thomas Sticht, Ulrich Hartwig, Gerald Kleeberger


See Update: General Market Situation.

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