Shipment-related communication is just that easy.

With only a click request shipment-related support and connect with our solutions specialists.

Requester logo on blue background

As of now you can start communication at shipment level within our shipment visibility platform "WebTracker".

We named the feature in accordance with its function: "Requester"

It enables you to submit support requests at any time on an individual shipment level or to contact our solutions specialists with just one click. This means you can continue to focus on your tasks while we respond quickly and proactively with the information or support you need.

This can save you a significant amount of time as you no longer have to search for contact details or email threads. Instead, we simplify your workload and allow communication to happen exactly where it should - at the shipment level.

"Requester" is now available for all logged-in users. Take the opportunity and register on our WebTracker Platform using the simplified procedure to benefit from "Requester" and many other features. We are sure that it will help you make your logistics processes even more efficient.

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