The best customized logistics solution. Anytime. Straightaway.

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The best customized logistics solution.
The best customized logistics solution.
Our corporate vision for 2030 has evolved into our Digital Journey 2K30
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Logistics is now also digital information management. We proactively provide the right information at the right time in order to be able to derive better and faster decisions.



Thanks to intelligent processes, our logistics specialists can focus on individual support and finding solutions instead of getting stalled by repetitive tasks.



We know and understand our customers, anticipate their requirements from which we derive customized solutions.



The right information at the right time. Always. This significantly simplifies communication as well as transport planning and monitoring.


We anticipate future customer requirements and transform them into customized logistics solutions. The decisive factor here is the constant strengthening of relationships between people, organizations, technologies and data. We consciously attach great importance to the fact that the focus is always on people and that they are supported in the best possible way by technology.

Technology? Attitude!

Digital Journey 2K30

Digital Journey
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Digital Journey
How we drive our Smart Forwarding Strategy.
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2023 ‣ Smart Quotes

Intelligent quotes for individual added value.

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Q2 2022 ‣ Shipment Visibility

Know your shipment status in < 10 seconds.

Intuitive design with data reduced to the essentials.

Real-time data from our operational system.

NO login necessary and the link can also be forwarded to your customers if required.

The visualization works on any mobile device, any­where, anytime.

Personal secure customer area for detailed ship­ment infor­mation.

Reports on all shipments with filter options at the touch of a button.

Online document archive with all relevant ship­ment docu­ments.

Ongoing further develop­ment/adjust­ments based on customer require­ments.

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Q3 2021 ‣ Highest Quality of Service

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Efficiency and Security.

Our specially developed software for process optimization supports our teams in transport planning and monitoring. Intelligent automation and processes enable our specialists to focus fully on customer service and support.

For our customers, this means the highest level of security concerning the continual fulfillment of agreed upon service levels as well as apex order transparency.

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Q1 2021 ‣ Internal R&D Division

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TECHlab team goes online.

Our TECHlab team of experts deals with all things concerning big data, artificial intelligence and supply chain optimization.

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2013 Establishing our intrinsic posture.

We have successfully implemented the world's leading transport and logistics management software, CargoWise, which essentially represents our "production".

As a result, we have highly accurate data quality. Our processes are mapped in the form of workflow and milestone templates, which means we can offer a very high and reliable standard of quality. Every transport order is subject to end-to-end planning and thus also to automated performance control. Transport, warehouse, order, visibility and exception management - everything from a single source.

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