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ACS Logistics takes off.

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ACS Logistics grows with its specialization in critical freights.

Cargo plane being unloaded.

The young logistics company ACS Logistics is growing with its specialization in critical freight such as competition horses. After five years on the market, the Linz-based company has a turnover of ten million euros.

In the midst of the big players, the Linz-based logistics company ACS Logistics is primarily dedicated to air and sea freight: "Our core segment, overseas logistics, is very dominated by corporate entities, especially in Austria, and there is a lack of lean, flexible providers who can cope with the increasing demands. Being able to keep up with technology and process standards," explains owner and managing director Thomas Sticht. "We want to close this gap."

The founders Thomas Sticht, Ulrich Hartwig and Gerald Kleeberger started in 2011, all of whom come from the logistics and freight forwarding industry and are based at Linz's Hoersching Airport. Air and ocean freight account for 90 percent of sales. The company now has 16 employees and is growing steadily; it is part of a partner network with 500 branches in 170 countries. In 2015 ACS Logistics had a turnover of ten million euros.

The customers are mostly located in the central region of Upper Austria and also reflect the image of Upper Austria's export industry, such as machine manufacturers or the automotive industry. "The classic transport from A to B can easily be replaced by others," says Thomas Sticht. "Our service is especially the before and after, which also includes information services. Since the financial crisis, the issues of planning security and lean structures have become even more important to exporters, companies keep stocks low and the role of logistics service providers in the communication chain is gaining in importance" says Sticht.

You react to this reality with more visibility, monitoring and services such as track and trace, which show the company when the product will reach its destination. "A container from Shanghai to Austria has a turnaround time of 40 days. During this time you don't have the freight, but you can plan with it." According to Sticht, the future of the logistics industry also lies in this predictability.

Critical freight, such as temperature-susceptible, highly sensitive or oversized shipments, are the specialty of Upper Austrians. For example, transporting noble competition horses, for which veterinary regulations have to be observed, or delivering to large construction sites overseas, where timely delivery and perfect logistics are required.

Start-Up Spirit

While the logistics industry is heavily dependent on the economy, "we do not feel the external factors so much," says Sticht. "We have been on the upswing since our founding and are constantly recruiting staff." The topic of personnel is not an easy one: "Of course there are good people in generation Y as well, but they are different, they want to be able to make a difference, question, make decisions and be allowed to make mistakes. As a modern service provider with a start-up spirit, we can handle this change well."

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