Finalist at the Hermes Business Award 2023

Sixth time amoung the top 3! ACS Logistics once again in the spotlight at the Hermes Business Awards.

Hermes Wirtschaftspreis 2023

Celebrating a half dozen! For the sixth time in a row, ACS Logistics has been chosen as a finalist for the prestigious Hermes Business Awards in the category "Service".

Since our founding in 2011, we have always pursued the goal of offering the best possible logistics services for Austria. The first nomination for the business award in 2018 was the reward for these efforts.

Today, in addition to the great experiences, we take one thing with us above all else: confirmation that we are on the right path!

In recent years, ACS Logistics has established itself as a "smart forwarder" in the logistics industry. The term stands for our commitment to offer customized and excellent logistics solutions supported by state-of-the-art technologies. Our motto "Simply Excellent" is not just a slogan, it shapes our daily work and personal collaboration with our partners.

We would like to thank our great team who made this award possible. Also a big thank you to all of our customers, followers and interested parties who accompany and support us on this journey.

And as the saying goes: all good things come in sevens.

About the business award

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The Hermes Business Award is the annual award for great entrepreneurship in Austria. Together with the Federal Ministry of Economics, leading company's Austria, Reed Exhibition Austria as well as the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, the media house Kurier honors businesses with the award also known as the "Business Oscars", which brings outstanding achievements into the public eye and strengthens the reputation of Austria as a business location internationally.

Mode of Evaluation

In total, companies are awarded in eight categories. The evaluation procedure considers several indicators such as sales growth, employee growth, profitability, and degree of internationalization. These indicators evaluate both entrepreneurial performance as well as the performance of the company as a whole, and the significance of the company for the economy and society of Austria, e.g. by including jobs created domestically or export performance, which is of particular importance for the future overall welfare of a small economy.

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