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Brand Design & Homepage Update

For our 10th company anniversary, we have adapted our branding to reflect our development.

Various computer devices depicting the new logo against a blue sky

Around three years after the last major brand design and homepage update, we have once again adapted our brand and website with a new design for our 10th company anniversary in accordance with our evolution and positioning. The architecture of the new homepage is also linked to our state-of-the-art backend systems and tools, which are subject to a continuous developmental process.

The focus was on the following improvements:

  • Sharpening the brand profile
  • Clarity through clear imagery and lean text
  • Targeted content
  • Simplified navigation
  • Pleasant, intuitive look and feel
  • Modern website architecture
  • Responsive design for mobile devices

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The logo with claim

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Logo variants

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Construction insight (excerpt)

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Iconography excerpt

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Like all areas of our company, our homepage will also be subject to ongoing development.

The next development phase is primarily aimed at the following areas:

1. Info-Hub

Structuring of this area in Downloads, FAQs and a Knowledge Base. Additional useful, industry-specific content will be created in this area for our visitors and customers.

2. WebTracker

Our customer portal for full shipment and order visibility, accessible via the homepage, is continuously being improved in order to provide our customers with decisive added value and support in the areas of supply chain planning, monitoring and forecasting. Request your personal access data from your agent today!

We hope you enjoy our new homepage and of course we look forward to any feedback that can help us to better respond to the requirements and needs of our customers and visitors in general.

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