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ediEnterprise represents a strategic pillar of ACS Logistics.

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ACS Logistics is the first Austrian company to implement the world's leading transport and logistics software "ediEnterprise" from CargoWise, which has been in live operation since June 1st, 2013.

Disciplined project planning, methodical, focused approach and consistent decisions made it possible to pinpoint the implementation time of exactly 3 months from the signing of the contract.

From now on, ediEnterprise forms a strategic pillar of the company as well as the technological basis for our claim of "operational excellence".

Advantages for customers of ACS Logistics:

  • Full order transparency
  • Exception management
  • Visibility & monitoring
  • eSOP - implementation of customer specific standard operational procedures
  • Online customer portal that can be custom-tailored
  • Online shipment- and management reporting
  • Online document management
  • EDI Compatibility
  • Process driven operations
  • Fully integrated modules for transport, warehouse and order management
  • Operational excellence

ACSL Update: "ediEnterprise" is now "CargoWiseOne"

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