We focus on our vision, mission, and central values as the long-term foundation for positive, value-creating cooperation with our customers, employees, and service providers.
With agility, professionalism, and passion, we are the leading quality provider for global transportation and logistics solutions in the Austrian market. We win our clients over with innovative, value-adding solutions.
We create added value and stand by our principles and agreements with customers, employees and suppliers.
We are in the market to succeed economically
Our consistent, solution-oriented actions and expertise in implementation is what makes us successful
Our ambitious goals are clearly formulated
We see ourselves as a learning organization: continuous improvement is a personal attitude
We are an agile, slimmed-down company and act accordingly
We deliver the best customer service, consistently and with no compromises
We convince our customers with our uniqueness
We go the extra mile and work in a goal-oriented and solution-oriented way
We give our customers and partners a face to put the name to
We employ only qualified, reliable, customer-oriented staff, and in return we offer a unique working environment
We provide our customers with just the right service they need, and always personally
We treat our customers, colleagues, and business partners with respect and appreciation
We communicate openly and honestly, creating trust and reliability in our field
We take responsibility for customers, employees, and our environment
We develop long-term partnerships with our business partners and employees