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Austria's Growth Champions 2018.

Top Ranking for ACS Logistics.

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The well-known Austrian news magazine Profil and the international information service provider Statista presented Austria's fastest-growing companies for the first time. The overall rank­ing includes 150 Aust­rian companies, which had the larg­est sales growth between 2013 and 2016 and spans across in­dust­ries, federal states and com­pany sizes.

ACS Logistics was ranked 46th in this Austria-wide ranking.


300,000 Austrian companies


3000 companies

Evaluation Criteria:

  • • turnover 2013 of at least 100.000 euros
  • • turnover 2016 of at least one million euros
  • • Headquarters in Austria
  • • autonomy (no subsidiaries or branches)
  • • predominantly organic growth

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