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"Driven by Performance": ACS Logistics on the rise.

So young and already so many awards: ACS Logistics has proven itself on the Austrian logistics market.

ACS Logistics Managing Directors Ulrich Hartwig, Thomas Sticht and Gerald Kleeberger receive the WKO Export Award 2022 in Gold.

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As a specialist logistics company with a high degree of customization, ACS Logistics GmbH & Co KG is experiencing dynamic development. With its methodical way of working, the company is constantly winning over new groups of customers. In order for this to continue, the forwarding company will soon need a new company headquarters in the greater Linz area.

Right from the get-go, the goal was to convince with performance. With this claim, Ulrich Hartwig, Gerald Kleeberger and Thomas Sticht founded ACS Logistics GmbH & Co KG in 2011. At that time, the trio had around 50 years of combined experience in the forwarding industry. The three gentlemen knew what they were getting themselves into. From the very first minute of independence, they pursued the goal of exceeding customer expectations. The recipe for this was the simplification of complex logistics processes while at the same time adapting the processes as far as possible to customer requirements. This is backed up with modern technological tools for supply chain visibility, reporting and monitoring.

"We combine automation with individualization. We make it scalable and accessible for Austrian shippers," Thomas Sticht explains the strategy of ACS Logistics. The business model is lean and agile. According to his assessment of the situation, it fits an industry that has become much more digital and diverse over the past two decades. Therefore, today's logisticians have to be much more on point and, very importantly, have the ability to react quickly. In addition, the cycles of change are constantly getting shorter, which demands a high degree of adaptability from the team to operate under changing conditions. So that the staff does not burn out, the employer must provide interesting perspectives and an attractive working environment.

Being a member of the Project Cargo Network opens up interesting perspectives for the modern overseas logistics company.

In short, ACS Logistics is all about efficiency, productivity, profitability and quality. It's about making Austrian customers fit for serving the global markets with smart logistics. "To do this, we break the usual clichés," says Thomas Sticht. His comment refers to the way the company presents itself with its structure, the organizational units and the way in which people are managed. In terms of the range of services, the company positions itself as a full-service provider specializing in customized logistics solutions for the areas of air freight, sea freight, integrated logistics and information logistics. With this approach, the "newcomer" has reached a size of 60 employees and over 50 million euros in annual sales (2022).

With its comprehensive, quality-oriented and highly digitized services, ACS Logistics is primarily configured for Austrian medium-sized companies in the automotive, manufacturing and mechanical engineering sectors. Thomas Sticht explains that the company creates a lot of value for customers and often encorporates preliminary planning. It starts with analysis activities, continues with solution design and engineering and extends to the implementation of complex overall concepts. Here, the transport is only the carrier of the service. The team at the Upper Austrian forwarding company sees it as a "craft", so to speak, accompanied by a high degree of digitization maturity.

The company has thus been constantly amoung the top 10 in the IATA ranking of Austrian air freight agents for more than five years. Of course, gaining new business relationships plays a major role. But this is also done very methodically. Thomas Sticht: "We observe and consider very carefully which customer is a fit. There has to be an openness and appreciation for our know-how. Only then can we really excel." In order to create even more potential for this, ACS Logistics has secured a 28,000 m² area in the greater Linz area. The new headquarters are to be built there, initially with 2,000 m² of offices and 12,000 m² of storage space.

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