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The new ACS Logistics homepage goes online!

After 5 years we have completely redesigned our website.

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Welcome to the new homepage of ACS Logistics!

About five years after the last relaunch, we have redesigned our website to respond to our brand´s growing requirements. In terms of technology, the new homepage is in alignment with our state-of-the-art backend systems and tools, which are subject to continuous developmental processes.

Our focus was on the following:

  • Clarity through clear visual language and lean messaging
  • Targeted content
  • Simplified navigation
  • Appealing, intuitive look and feel
  • Adaptable website technologies
  • Responsive design for mobile use

Like all areas of our company, our homepage will be subject to continuous improvement. The next development phase is primarily aimed at the following areas:

1. Info Center

The division of this section into "Downloads", "FAQs" and "Knowledge Base". Complementary industry-specific content will be on offer here for our visitors and customers.

2. WebTracker

Our protected customer portal, accessible via the login, features comprehensive supply chain visibility and constant further development shall remain a strong focus point in order to offer customers decisive value added services and support for supply chain planning, monitoring and forecasting. Your agent will be happy to provide you with your own personal access data.

See more at WebTracker

We hope you enjoy our new homepage and would welcome any feedback which could help us better meet the wishes and needs of our customers and visitors in general.

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