Shipment trans­parency sim­pli­fied.

The new Quick­Tracker is live!

QuickTracker screenshot showing the GUI and an aircraft flying away.

Immediate view of all shipments with straightforward data reduced to the essentials: the new QuickTracker from ACS Logistics makes it possible!

By simply clicking on a link we provide, you aquire access to real-time data from our operations system, giving you the current status of all shipments within seconds. The QuickTracker works on any mobile device. No matter where you are, you control your shipments. Anytime. Straightaway.

The advantages of the QuickTracker in a nutshell:

  • Appeals with an aesthetic, functional and intuitive design
  • Evaluate relevant shipment data in a matter of seconds
  • Access to accurate, real-time shipment data from our operations system
  • The tracking link can be made available to your customers if required
  • The interface works on all mobile devices

Moving forward.

We continue to sequentially develop our digital products, because constant improvement and further development is in our DNA. The QuickTracker marks the beginning of our 2K30 vision and helps our customers save time so that they can better focus on their own core tasks.

Maximum shipment transparency and efficiency. Always.

QuickTracker Demo Preview

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